Primary cell experts

To increase the use of primary cells in in vitro research is the founding principle of AvantiCell.

Experience with a wide range of primary cells means AvantiCell can successfully and ethically procure human tissue and isolate primary cells, with the aim to provide these as valuable tools for use in preclinical research.

AvantiCell use of human cells and access to human "surgical excess" tissue adheres to national ethical guidelines and is approved by the West of Scotland Research Ethics Committee.


3D cell models

An emerging field in research and development of novel drugs and therapeutics, 3D cell culture is an area which AvantiCell have years of experience.

AvantiCell has successfully created 3D cell models using electrospun scaffolds, hydrogels and transwells with applications in a range of formats, including 96 well plates.

By incorporating primary cells into these models, AvantiCell create physiologically-relevant and predictive platforms for preclinical analysis.

Cell cryopreservation

The provision of "plug-and-play" cryopreserved products has driven AvantiCell's R&D activities for recent years, with the proprietary Cryotix technology launch in 2017, introducing this technology to the market.

This user-friendly 2D cryopreservation technology is successfully applicable to human primary cells, iPSC-derived cells with differentiated function and cell lines.

Although in early development, AvantiCell has made exciting progress in the application of CryotixTM technology to our 3D cell models.


The 3D printing of primary cells and a suitable and optimised extracellular matrix provides a superior in vitro model for medium-throughput assay screening and access to more successful preclinical data.

The bioengineering of cells and organs is advancing and AvantiCell are continuously developing their bioprinting technology capabilities. 

Ongoing EU Horizon2020 projects ANAPRINT and CENSUS focus on the bioprinting of cell-models with growing clinical significance.


Neural cell bioprinting

CENSUS - This EU H2020 Fast Track to Innovation project will produce innovative cell-based products that transform neurodegenerative disorder drug discovery. Learn more.


Our Technologies



AvantiCell are committed to the development of early stage researchers interested in beginning their careers within the field of cell culture technologies.

AvantiCell work closely with the EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Innovative Training Network (ITN) and international universities and research centres in order to fulfil this commitment. 

There are a number of EU MSCA ITN PhD fellowships being carried out at AvantiCell. 

EU MSCA ITN Projects

Pandora: Probing safety of nano-objects by defining immune responses of environmental organisms

Transmit: Translating the role of mitochondria in tumorigenesis

EuroNeuroTrophin: Small molecule mimetics as potential therapeutic agents for neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation

Our Founding Principle

Advances in cell culture technology enable the development of physiologically-relevant alternatives to animal testing