Standard Analysis

AvantiCell offer a panel of standard 2D assays based upon key human cells and disease targets. These assays are focused on core functional indices and offer scalable delivery from one to hundreds of samples. We offer rapid turn-around of samples at competitive prices.


These assays can be used in a range of analyses including, but not limited to; nanosafety analysis, natural product testing, biosafety investigation, stem cell toxicity etc.


  • Viability
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Apoptosis

Specialised Analysis

Following expert development, AvantiCell are able to extend their standard analyses to provide validated, elaborate cell-based assays focused on specific research areas. 


Sample batches can be tailored to client requirements with highly reproducible, sensitive outputs. Scaled charges apply.


  • 2D Renal Fibrosis Assay
  • 2D Inflammatory Response Assay
  • 2D Anti-Cancer Assay
  • 2D Anti-Diabetic Assay
  • 2D Skin Sensitisation Assay

Customised Analysis

AvantiCell also provide contract research services, which can be fully customised to meet client needs. Example customisation options include;


  • Analysis measurements and targets
  • 3D cell-model options available for specific cell types including AvantiCell Human Hepatic Organoids
  • Paired-assay systems available
  • Client-commissioned production of unusual human primary cell types and development of customised analytical models
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Bioactivity-driven purification of active components from complex mixtures