Human Primary Ovarian Cancer Cells; OV-HC-020 #16-0508 Datasheet


This primary cell isolate was prepared from ovarian cancer tissue obtained with full ethical permission. Ovarian cancer tissue was dissociated by enzymatic digestion and cells were harvested and washed by conventional filtration and centrifugation. Cells were grown in culture using medium optimized for propagation of primary ovarian epithelial cells, and were banked and cryopreserved under -150oC. Cell population analysis was performed by fluorescence-activated flow cytometry.


Donor Tissue Features

Female Malaysian donor, age 35 years

Isolated from adult granulosa cell tumour stage 1C

Additional donor history available on request


Cell Characteristics

Batch number:  16-0508

Vial content:  0.5x106 cells

Appearance:  Simple ovarian epithelial cells

Seeding density:  5,000 - 7,000 cells/cm2

Culture medium:  ScienCell OEpiCAM recommended

Recovery from frozen:  93%

Doubling time:  4-5 days

Negative for Mycoplasma, HIV1, HIV2, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

Negative for yeast, fungus and bacteria



Tumour marker MUC16 54.8%
Stem cell growth factor receptor CD177 66.82%
Metastasis marker CD44 95.68%



Uses and restrictions

  • Store at -150°C. Once thawed do not re-freeze
  • For research use ONLY — not suitable for in vitro diagnostic use or human or animal treatment
  • Potential biohazard — handle with care


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