Human Primary IPF Lung Fibroblasts; LF-HD-087 #15-0705 Datasheet


This primary cell isolate was prepared from human tissue obtained with full ethical permission. Tissue was dissected and dissociated by proteolytic digestion. A fibroblast population was isolated using FSP-1 immuno-magnetic selection and propagated in customised fibroblast culture medium. Cells were banked by cryopreservation under liquid nitrogen. The cell population was analysed by fluorescence-activated flow cytometry.


Donor Tissue Features

Male donor, age 61 years

Isolated from IPF airway bronchial tree

Additional donor history available on request


Cell Characteristics

Batch number:  15-0705

Vial content:  0.5x106 cells

Appearance:  Elongated spindle shaped cells

Seeding density:  3,000 – 4,000 cells/cm2

Population doubling:  2 days

Culture medium:  AvantiCell medium LF-HDM-01 recommended

Recovery from frozen:  >90% viability

Negative for Mycoplasma, HIV1, HIV2, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C 

Negative for fungus, yeast and bacteria



Interstitial fibroblast marker CD73 99.46%
Myofibroblast marker aSMA 83.45%



Uses and restrictions

  • Store at -150°C. Once thawed do not re-freeze
  • For research use ONLY — not suitable for in vitro diagnostic use or human or animal treatment
  • Potential biohazard — handle with care


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