Brought to you exclusively by AvantiCell Science - Human Hepatic Organoids

Hepatic organoids were first presented in the literature (Huch et al., 2013) and interest in the field has since grown exponentially.  AvantiCell Science LGR5+ liver stem cell isolates are produced from human adult liver tissue obtained as surgical excess, with a growing number of donor adult(s) representing a distinct and unique panel of hepatic organoids.  The hepatic organoids can be differentiated into functional hepatocyte-like cells, and industry attention to the potential of these non-engineered, renewable adult human stem cell cultures is currently driving a significant emerging organoid base market.






AvantiCell Science have employed their expert cell culture knowledge to generate a distinctive panel of hepatic organoids isolated and cultivated from a range of human donors.  This demonstrates a key advantage of organoid culture which is that, unlike primary hepatocytes which have a very short window of use, they are able to expand limitlessly under the correct conditions.  Hepatic organoids expanded in this manner represent an ideal 3D model and potent tool.


Differentiation of hepatic organoids is possible over a period of 10 days and produces a population of cells that maintain cell markers associated with mature primary hepatocytes i.e. induced albumin and CYP3A4 expression with loss of the stem cell associated receptor LGR5+.


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Produced as part of the European Union Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 project ANAPRINT.