Brought to you exclusively by AvantiCell Science - Human Hepatic Organoids

Hepatic organoids are the future of hepatotoxicity screening and AvantiCell are leading the way. Do you want to join us?


To date, primary hepatocytes have been the gold standard for in vitro hepatotoxicity testing. AvantiCell Science have developed a superior 3D model for use in liver toxicology screening…


AvantiCell hepatic organoids - proliferative like a cell line, predictive like primary hepatocytes.


Our scientists successfully isolated, propagated and differentiated adult liver stem cells into 3D mini-organs called hepatic organoids. Our organoids have proven to successfully differentiate into functional hepatocytes, showing a fold-increase in key hepatocyte genes such as ALB and CYP3A4, using real time PCR. By using AvantiCell hepatic organoids you will gain the benefits of primary hepatocyte use without being limited to the short shelf-life associated to these cells. 


We will provide a technical manual to facilitate the re-embedding of the organoids back into 3D culture conditions before their use within your research.


For pricing information, or to ask our experts how our hepatic organoids can be used to progress your research, contact


Produced as part of the European Union Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 project ANAPRINT.