Lung Fibroblast Medium; LF-HNM-01 Datasheet


Lung Fibroblast Medium LF-HNM-01 is a cell culture medium optimised for maintenance and growth of healthy lung fibroblasts, isolated from human lung tissue. It is a HEPES-buffered medium based upon Dulbecco’s Minimum Essential Medium base, and contains foetal bovine serum. The medium is a complete formulation ready for use.

The following specifications are provided as guidance only; please see the Certificate of Analysis for batch specifications.


Product Specifications

Catalogue number:  LF-HNM-01                         

Volume:  100ml or 500ml

Storage conditions:  2 to 8°C

Shelf life:  4 weeks from date of receipt

pH (units):  7.1 - 7.5

Osmolality (mOsm/kg):  320 - 370

Safety Information

Please see associated Material Safety Data Sheet for AvantiCell Lung Fibroblast Medium, and follow the handling instructions provided. Wear appropriate protective clothing, eyewear and gloves when handling the culture medium.

Product Use

For research use only. Do not use for diagnostic or any other purpose.

Culture Conditions

Use at 36 to 38°C, in 5% CO2 in air, in a humidified atmosphere. Ensure proper gas exchange.


AvantiCell Science cannot guarantee the performance of human primary lung fibroblasts from another primary cell supplier when using AvantiCell Science medium.