❄️ Cryotix™ Human Stem Cell Toxicity Kit - Next-Generation Plug and Play Cell-Based Analysis ❄️

The first of an innovative product range brought to you exclusively by AvantiCell Science. Our technology delivers unprecedented, user-friendly access to sensitive, reproducible cell-based analysis using physiologically-relevant human cells.

The Cryotix™ Human Stem Cell Toxicity Kit is provided in a novel, cryopreserved format. The kit comprises a deep-frozen 96-well plate containing cryopreserved human mesenchymal stem cells, seeded in selected wells at a constant optimum density. When thawed, these cells may be used in sensitive, reproducible cell-based analysis to measure the cytotoxicity of test materials. The kit contains a bottle of cell culture medium, which on warming to culture temperature, may be used to maintain the cells and dilute test materials.

Product Features:

❄️ Cryopreserved human mesenchymal stem cells

❄️ Complimentary culture medium to facilitate cell revival and culture

❄️ Cell recovery from frozen storage with >90% viability

❄️ Product shipping at -150°C ultra-low temperature (liquid nitrogen dry shipper)

❄️ Full instructions included for cell product handling, storage and optimal cell revival

❄️ Ready for analytical use 24h after cell revival

❄️ Minimal culture manipulation required

❄️ Designed and validated for stem cell-based cytotoxicity analysis

❄️ Mesenchymal stem cells remain multi-potent after Cryotix™ technology

The video aide above will help you unpack, store and then revive the 96-well plate to the optimum standard, enabling toxicity challenge after 24 hours.  Following these instructions will facilitate the delivery of a fully functional plate of viable mesenchymal stem cells for all your cell toxicity screening needs.


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