❄️ Cryotix™ - Next-Generation Plug-and-Play Cell-Based Analysis

Our technology delivers unprecedented, user-friendly access to sensitive, reproducible cell-based analysis using physiologically-relevant human cells.

Cryotix™ provides human cells in a novel, cryopreserved format. Cells are frozen in situe and, when thawed, these cells may be used in sensitive, reproducible cell-based analysis. This allows access to primary cells with minimal cell culture manipulation. AvantiCell Cryotix™ technology can be optimised and applied to cell lines, primary cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). 

The video aide below gives an example of how this technology can be accessed, using AvantiCell's Human Stem Cell Toxicity Kit. The video will help you unpack, store and then revive the 96-well plate to the optimum standard, enabling toxicity challenge after 24 hours.  Following these instructions will facilitate the delivery of a fully functional plate of viable mesenchymal stem cells for all your cell toxicity screening needs.



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