Caprine Primary Mammary Epithelial Cells; ME-GN-502 #13-2201 Datasheet


Primary cells isolated from mammary parenchyma of goats by enzymatic digestion and fractionated by differential density gradient centrifugation before culture and cryopreservation in serum/DMSO. Cell isolates are enriched in luminal epithelial cells and are suitable for cell proliferation studies or, when cultured on permissive substrata, for the study of differentiated mammary functions. Cell marker analysis was performed using immunohistochemistry.


Donor Tissue Features

Isolated from pregnant caprine mammary parenchyma during third trimester of pregnancy


Cell Characteristics

Batch Number:  13-2201

Vial Content: 1 x 106 cells

Seeding density:  1.5 x 104 cells/cm2 

Culture medium:  AvantiCell ME-GNM-01 recommended

Recovery from frozen:  >80%

Population doubling:  3-4 days

Negative for Mycoplasma by real-time PCR

Negative for yeast, fungus and bacteria


Glandular epithelial cell marker Cytokeratin 18 Positive
Undifferentiated epithelial cell marker Cytokeratin 14 Negative
Mesenchymal cell marker Vimentin Negative


Uses and Restrictions

  • Store at -150°C. Once thawed do not re-freeze
  • For research use ONLY — not suitable for in vitro diagnostic use or human or animal treatment
  • Potential biohazard — handle with care