Graduate Scientist: Cell Biotechnology

29 August 2017

Graduate Scientist: Cell Biotechnology
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Job Summary

Applications are invited for a post at Scientist grade in a biotechnology company specialising in cell biology and cell culture technology. Applicants should be graduates in a life science discipline. Experience in cell culture would be an advantage.

The appointment is full-time and is to provide cover for maternity leave in the first instance. Salary will be in the range GBP 19,370 – 21,360 depending upon experience, and a probationary period of 6 months will apply. Applications, including CV and names of two referees, should be sent to for the attention of Jennifer Garland. Closing date: 22nd September 2017.



Job Purpose:

Graduate scientists contribute to multiple commercial contracts and R&D activities. The appointee shall join an experienced team tasked with delivery of ACS contract services, and shall contribute to development of the Company’s cell-based products. Additionally, the successful applicant shall be asked to contribute to AvantiCell’s on-going cell technology development.



The post requires the performance of a wide range of cell culture techniques, including the operation of specialist equipment. The appointee should be able to demonstrate or acquire expertise in the following:

  • Human cell culture
  • Cell-based analysis, including assay design and planning
  • Operation of a wide range of laboratory equipment, including fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS), PCR analysis of gene expression, fluorescence-based analysis of cellular function, microscopy
  • Implementation and/or adherence to laboratory quality standards
  • Experiment planning and data reporting


Required knowledge:

The job specification requires knowledge of cell biology and the uses of cell-based analysis, and the applicant must be able to demonstrate expertise and practical skills in cell culture. Preferably, the applicant shall have experience in a commercial scientific environment.



The post requires technical expertise and background commensurate with qualification to Bachelor degree level.


Additional job details:

The post is a full-time appointment and is to provide cover for maternity leave in the first instance. A probationary period of six months shall apply. Salary shall be in the range GBP 19,370 – 21,360, negotiable subject to qualifications and experience. Annual leave: 25 days plus statutory holidays. Applications, including CV and names of two referees, should be sent to for the attention of the Jennifer Garland. Closing date: 22nd September 2017.


Additional Skills

The cells and processes used in the project are at the leading edge of cell culture technology.  ACS cells and model systems are fastidious in their culture requirements, demand use of rare, expensive medium additives and often make use of 3D culture formats. Practical experience in these specialist areas will be an advantage.


Company Description

AvantiCell Science Ltd (ACS) is a biotechnology Company specialising in cell biology and cell culture technology. The Company was founded in 2006, is profitable, and is presently located in Ayr, South Ayrshire, Scotland.

The Company’s business is founded on the principle that advances in cell culture technology enable the development of physiologically-relevant alternatives to animal testing in research and drug discovery.

ACS commercial services and products are based in long-standing expertise in human and animal primary cell isolation i.e. cells freshly-isolated from donor tissue. The company’s growing cell biobank is based upon human tissue sourced as surgical excess with full ethical permission. Primary cells are incorporated into a range of cell-based services which can be used to evaluate potential therapeutics, including those from natural sources. Technology is also focused on delivering an innovative range of cell-based products deriving from these cell sources. ACS technology is extending to isolation of iPS cells, and its business is growing internationally, particularly in SE Asia, where a subsidiary company and joint ventures have been established. See for more details.


Application deadline: 22nd September 2017


Job start date: By Agreement