Body of Organoids #TechnologyTakeover

06 July 2018

Body of Organoids #TechnologyTakeover
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Organoids. The mini-organ making the possibility of personalized medicine and better drug development a reality. In the second of our #TechnologyTakeover campaigns, we are focusing on this emerging area of cell biotechnology in our Body of Organoids campaign, and how these innovative structures are showing potential to change the way healthcare providers treat their patients.


The first in our Body of Organoids #TechnologyTakeover campaign, we are looking at organoids created from glioblastoma multiforme tissue – a rare and deadly brain cancer which has presented in vivo challenges for years, but organoids may provide the model that drug development researchers have been looking for! Read this fascinating article by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies for more information.


Currently, the best treatment option for patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer is surgery, to excise the tumour tissue. This will not definitively protect patients against metastasis of the cancer to other areas in the body, however. Personalised medicine may provide the best treatment for these patients and remove the need for surgery - which can have painful and unpleasant after affects. In our Body of Organoids #TechnologyTakeover campaign, read more about the potential of colon cancer organoids in this BBC News report.


The possibility of better breast cancer therapies may be improved with the development of breast cancer tumoroids and the use of these models in drug screening. The third in our Body of Organoids #TechnologyTakeover campaign shines the light on this possibility and you can learn more by reading the following article by Forbes.


Organoids can be prepared from tissue-derived stem cells (like AvantiCell’s) or from induced-pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). In the following link as part of our Body of Organoids #TechnologyTakeover campaign, you can learn how researchers at Columbia University Medical Center used iPSCs to grow lung organoids, aiding the understanding of a variety of respiratory diseases.


AvantiCell’s hepatic organoids have a variety of applications, from basic to applied research, and we plan to build on the application data available to our customers. One group of researchers is growing liver cancer organoids as a step towards personalised medicine – read more here as part of our Body of Organoids #TechnologyTakeover campaign.


We hope we have opened your mind you a little to the potential of organoids in scientific research. We’d love to hear if you have worked with organoids before and learn more about your thoughts on how these could revolutionise drug discovery and development. Please email with any comments or questions.