AvantiCell delivers leading-edge solutions for customers wishing to evaluate bio-activity or bio-safety in a wide-range of test materials; from pharmaceuticals, traditional medicines and natural products to medical devices and nano-structured materials. AvantiCell solutions use advanced cell culture technology based on physiologically-relevant human and animal cells.

AvantiCell supplies a growing range of human primary cell products which are accessible as cell isolates requiring re-culture within the customer's laboratory or in the form of pre-assembled, cryopreserved models. These products make cell-based analysis available to all customers in a plug-and-play format.

AvantiCell also provides its expertise in a range of services ranging from off-the-shelf cell-based assays to specialist cell culture systems customised to meet customers’ requirements.

As leaders in cell culture, AvantiCell also offer client-commissioned production of unusual human primary cell types and development of customised analytical models.




Established 2006

AvantiCell was set up by a small group of founding investors and is not a spinout company. AvantiCell private investment is coupled with venture capital investment matched by Scottish Government.

Our Ethical Framework

AvantiCell use of human cells and access to human “surgical excess” tissue adheres to national ethical guidelines and is approved by the West of Scotland Research Ethics Committee.

Our Founding Principle

AvantiCell's founding principle is that advances in cell culture technology enable the development of physiologically-relevant alternatives to animal testing.